What If No One Sees My Art?

What if no one sees your art? This video essay by Adam Westbrook - Painting in the Dark: The Struggle for Art in A World Obsessed with Popularity – is a thoughtful look at the Vincent van Gogh's obscurity when he was alive and what it means for struggling creatives today.

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The Rules of Abstraction With Matthew Collings

This BBC-produced documentary The Rules of Abstraction covers the rise of abstract art over the last century. Matthew Collings dives into the questions of how we respond to abstract art when we see it. Is it supposed to be hard and obtuse to understand with mysterious meaning and symbolisms, or is it easy to understand? I’m I stupid if I don’t get it? Does it mean anything at all? As artists splatter and pour paint with wild abandon upon a canvas, is there intentionality to it any sort of meaning at all behind it?

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